MVIVVU believes in establishing professional network at global level. MVIVVU is committed to provide affiliation to all genre of organization working in the field of Vedic Culture & knowledge irrespective of its size (big or small) and whether it is registered or unregistered with Government. If your organization is committed to work for Vedic-Hindu culture, you have arrived at right place for collaboration/affiliation or for applying for international centre of MVIVVU. Very restricted affiliation is provided in भारतIndia.

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परियोजना PROJECT- “Ved SarvaShiksha Abhiyan” वेद सर्वशिक्षा अभियान or “Veda Education for all”

MVIVVU has started “Ved SarvaShiksha Abhiyan” वेद सर्वशिक्षा अभियान or “Vedic Education for all” movement at national and international level. In this mission we will encourage eligible person or organization to establish “Maharshi VedVyas Vedic Adyayan Kendra” महर्षि वेदव्यास वैदिक अध्ययन केंद्र in rural and urban areas at very nominal fee. Each centre will be given a special number/code, provided the name of the centre will remain same. Those (individual or organizations) who are interested to establish the centre in their country can contact us. Few courses will be taught in the Vyaskendra.


"Ayushman Yog", GuruGram, HARYANA

Nidhi Thakur is director of the Ayushman Yoga. Ayushman Yoga is affiliated to MVIVVU with effect from January 2023.

"SriVatsaanka Srowtha Peetam", TELANGANA

"Sagiraju Foundation" , Nellore, ANDHRA PRADESH

"Dr. Yadvendranath Memorial Trust", Roorkee (Haridwar), UTTARAKHAND


European Alliance for Innovation (EAI), BELGIUM.

EAI was created by leaders from industry, research, and policy making organizations to engage the global community with the shared goal of securing Europe’s future competitiveness through innovation. By harnessing the potential of the ICT revolution, EAI engages the global community in all sectors of society to explore ways in which innovation in technology and business can benefit society at large. EAI combines vision and advocacy of society leaders with a grassroots democratic participative model, functioning together through innovative web tools covering all stages of the innovation cycle to build a new and sustainable innovation paradigm.”

World Vedic & Tantric Sciences and Technology Organization (IVSTO), UNITED KINGDOM

WVTSTO was established for Research, Development, Innovation and Education in the thrust areas of Vedic and Tantric Sciences and Technology. WVTSTO was established in the year July 2020. The Organization provides free membership to the students of MVIVVU to encourage research and education in the different areas of Vedic Sciences and Technology right from the beginning of incorporation.

World Vedic Microbiology Organization (WVMO), UNITED KINGDOM

World Vedic Microbiology Organization was incorporated in 1st September 2021 in United Kingdom to commemorate 20+ years of research and innovation in the thrust area of Vedic Microbiology. Both Vedic Microbiology Virtual University and Rishi Kanva Vedic Microbiology Research Institute will work under the aegis of WVMO.

European Yoga Federation, ITALY

Shesha Vedic Sciences, JAPAN

Shesha Vedic Sciences was founded in January 2013 by Atma Dharmindra and is based on the lush and historical island of Okinawa. Shesha Vedic Sciences offer services and consultations at The Gunasamya Center in Nanjo-shi or online through our virtual platform, Shesha Online Gurukula. It also offer workshops, group classes, and lectures, when there is time and sufficient interest. Dedicated to the precepts of Raja Yoga and honoring our founder's Sampradaya, Shesha Vedic Sciences provides both traditional and modern methods of ontological and phenomenological self-development through the medium of the Vedic and Tantric Sciences.

Goloka Yoga Ashram, URUGUAY
Goloka Yoga Ashram (GYA) is located at Balneario Buenos Aires in Uruguay. Jaun Maria Alonzo Gonzalez (aka Yogesvara Krishna das) is the founder of GYA. GYA collaborated with MVIVVU with effect from September 2021.

Astro Science Institute, MAURITIUS
Astro Science Institute (ASI) is registered in Mauritius. Professor(Dr) Romeshwar Kant Pandey BHUGWANT (aka – Dr Acharya Sharad Pandey Bhugwant Ji) is founder director of ASI. ASI is affiliated to MVIVVU with effect from 14th January 2022.

Maharishi Aatreya Foundation, NEPAL
Maharishi Aatreya Foundation is registered in NEPAL. Dr. Sudhan Kumar Paudel is director of the MAF. MAF is affiliated to MVIVVU with effect from 2018.


Dr. Kseniya Aleksandrovna Studenikina is owner of Ayusha. Ayusha is affiliated to MVIVVU with effect from January 2023.

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