What is Purana ? or Characteristics of Purana

Who is Purohit ? or Characteristics of Purohit

Sukla Yajurveda, rudraastakam patha/recitation by students of Kurukshetra Sanskrit VedVidhyalaya,Kurukshetra, HARYANA [Recorded by Dr. Chakradhar Frend]

Dr. Hriday Kanhai's Ayurveda Research & Authoring a Book "AYURVEDA- Science of Life or System of Medicine"

TantraShiromani Dr. Vishwaji Vishwasi with his disciples singing the glory of Maa Kali & Shiva

TantraShiromani Dr. Vishwaji Vishwasi's Himalayan Tantra Research

Dr. Shriji Kurup, programme coordinator, Centre for Environment Education; interview: Rio Conventions Pavilion, CBD COP11, 15/10/2012

"Education has a role to play in reminding people that biodiversity is not just a resource and that there are ethical and cultural connections too."

श्री गीता विश्वशांति यज्ञ SHRI GITA VISWASHANTI YAGNA

Sri Gita ViswaShanti Yagna 2010;Kalash yatra PATNA (BIHAR)

Sri Gita ViswaShanti Yagna 2009;Kalash yatra PATNA (BIHAR)

Sri Gita ViswaShanti Yagna 2009;Kalash yatra PATNA (BIHAR)

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