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Includes books, e-Journal, cds /dvds, softwares. MVIVVU has collaborated with several small scale industries for online selling of Stoles and Scarves, Deva - Devi Murti (Gods/ Goddess Idols), Sri Yantra, Kusha-Yoga mat etc.

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"Vedinformatics"- Monthly e-Journal & News Reporter

Publisher : Maharshi Vedinformatics & Research Centre (Affl. to MVIVVU).

Editor: Dr. Chakradhar Frend (emailto-

ISSN :0974-5637;Established : 2008

Subscription : Eternally Free; Anybody can contribute articles / news etc.


Spiritual scarves made from 100% pure twisted mulberry silk in both warp and weft and completely handmade handicraft. Aesthetic look and block printing. Cocoons grown in own garden and yarn is extracted by hand reeling machine. Weaved by highly experienced handloom weavers followed by work of artisans with high skill set under the guidance of highly academically qualified textile engineer who is supplemented by hardcore exposure in the scarf export industries Natural dye is used. No synthetic element is used anywhere. 100% non toxic and pH neutralised. Kantha Stitched Swastik motif in the center, beads of Rudraksh embedded Fringes, block printed Aum on the border and Turmeric as a part of Saffron colorant giving an aesthetic and spiritual essence. Suitable for both ladies and gentlemen.

Manufactured in West Bengal, INDIA

Size : 27" x 2.3 meters

Customize Design facility available

Price starts from INR 1899/-(USD 35) per piece with Free Srimad Bhagawata Gita DVD

Yantra (यन्त्र) : All kinds of Yantra (Sri Yantra, Sri Mahamrityunjaya Yantra, Baglamukhi Yantra, Bisa Yantra, Kuber Yantra, Sri Kanakdhara Yantra, Sri Mahalaxmi Yantra, Surya Yantra, Panchadashi Yantra, Vastu Yantra etc. ) available

"The Sri yantra is a Tantric ritual drawing used for meditation and concentration. From ancient times the Srlyantra is interpreted as the symbolic representation of deep cosmogonical and psychophysiological concepts which finds some striking analogies in modern scientific knowledge. From the viewpoint of modern anatomy, physiology and neurology, the whole composition and separate elements of the Sriyantra are precisely adjusted to the mechanisms of human perception and nervous activity up to neuron system structure. Owing to such properties the Srlyantra can be successfully applied for inducing special psychophysiological states or for selection of individuals with peculiar type of nervous system. The Sriyantra also displays a tendency to induce the dominance of right cerebral hemisphere that is necessary to attain the mystical states of consciousness in some schools of religious practices".[-A.P.Kulaichev and D.M.Ramendic (Biology Faculty of Moscow University) in 'SriYantra- The ancient instrument to control the psychophysiological state of man']

Yoga Accessories

Kusha Aashan (कुश आसन)


अभिज्ञ आचार्य - श्रीमद् भगवद्गीता डीविडी Abhigya Acharya's Srimad Bhagwad Gita Dvd

By heart Gita Shloka Recitation by : Abhigya Acharya.

Released on: 21st December 2015 Gita Jayanti day

Price: Rs 150/- ; $ 15

श्री वेंकटेश सुप्रभातम एवं श्री विष्णु सहस्त्रनाम Sri Venkatesh Suprabhatam & Sri Vishnu Sahasranama Strotam DVD

Recitation by : अभिज्ञ आचार्य एवं अभिधेया -Abhigya Acharya & Abhidheya

Price: Rs 350/- ; $ 20

श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता अध्यात्मिक दीपिका Srimad BhagawadGita Adhyatmik Deepika

Publisher : Om Gargi Publication, Pune.

Author : Sri BhupendraNath Sanyal Mahashaya (Disciple of PuranPurush Sri Shayamacharan Lahiri Mahashaya) Tranlation into Marathi By : Sri ChandraShekhar Achyut Padhye ji श्री चंद्रशेखर अच्युत पाध्ये जी

Language: Marathi

Edition : 2016

Price: Rs 2653/- ; $ 200

Volumes: III

* Genuine Translation in Marathi by Sri ChandraShekhar Achyut Padhye ji.

* This book provides great insight into spiritualism.

* Must read for every Kriya Yoga sadhak

Vedic Microbiology

Publisher : International Vedic Vision, New York & Indian Foundation For Vedic Sciences, Delhi.

Author : Dr. Chakradhar Frend & Dr. Shriji Kurup

ISBN :818771045-4

Edition : 2007

Price: Rs 300/- ; $ 15

* 1st book in 'The Vedinformatics series'.

* This book was inaugrated in the 'International Seminar on Vedic Microbiology 2007' in Delhi.

* This book is an important document on scientific Heritage of Vedic Hindus.

* Genuinely and exclusively provides full account of microbiology study in ancient india.

* Total pages - 158 with Diagrams - 16; Cartoons- 2

* Total Chapters - 5 (Intoduction, Gurus of Vedic Microbiology, Vedic Mantras pertaining to Microbiology, Revived history of Microbiology and Conclusion) + Appendix -8

Revived History of Microbiology (Vedic to Modern)

Publisher : Rishi Kanva Vedic Microbiology Research Institute & others

Author : Dr. Chakradhar Frend, Dr. Shriji Kurup et al

ISBN :9788190632102

Edition : 2007

Price : Rs 65/-; & $ 5

* 2nd book in 'The Vedinformatics series'.

* This book was inaugrated in the 'International Seminar on Vedic Microbiology 2007' in Delhi.

* This book is an extension of the 4th Chapter of the book -"Vedic Microbiology".

* It is perhaps the first book which presents the exact-systemic picture of development of microbiology in the east (India) and West.

* First book to provide true chronological development of History of Microbiology

* Total Pages : 46 with Appendix

* Contains SECTION i. History of Microbiology in Bharat [ Chapter 1. Microbiological knowledge in the Veda (RigVeda, Yajurveda, SamaVeda and Atharvaveda); Chapter 2. Microbiological knowledge in the Allied Vedic Literuatures (Purana, Smriti, Mahabharat etc); Chapter 3. Microbiological knowledge in the Ayurveda (Charak Samhita, Susruta Samhita, Ashtang Hridaya etc); Chapter 4. Microbiological knowledge in the Yogic texts (Hathyogpradipika, Shiv Samhita etc.) ] and SECTION ii. History of Microbiology in Western Hemisphere (Modern Microbiology) [(Chapter 5. Development of Microbiology in the west)].

* Also provides information about the Bhartiya Scientists who have contributed in the development of Modern Microbiology.

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