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"Vedinformatics"- Monthly e-Journal & News Reporter

Publisher : Maharshi Vedinformatics & Research Centre (Affl. to MVIVVU).

Editor: Dr. Chakradhar Frend (emailto- vedinformatics@gmail.com)

ISSN :0974-5637;Established : 2008

Subscription : Eternally Free; Anybody can contribute articles / news etc.

श्रीमद्भगवद्गीता अध्यात्मिक दीपिका Srimad BhagawadGita Adhyatmik Deepika

Publisher : Om Gargi Publication, Pune.

Author : Sri BhupendraNath Sanyal Mahashaya (Disciple of PuranPurush Sri Shayamacharan Lahiri Mahashaya) Tranlation into Marathi By : Sri ChandraShekhar Achyut Padhye ji श्री चंद्रशेखर अच्युत पाध्ये जी

Language: Marathi

Edition : 2016

Price: Rs 2653/- ; $ 200

Volumes: III

* Genuine Translation in Marathi by Sri ChandraShekhar Achyut Padhye ji.

* This book provides great insight into spiritualism.

* Must read for every Kriya Yoga sadhak

Vedic Microbiology

Publisher : International Vedic Vision, New York & Indian Foundation For Vedic Sciences, Delhi.

Author : Dr. Chakradhar Frend & Dr. Shriji Kurup

ISBN :818771045-4

Edition : 2007

Price: Rs 300/- ; $ 15

* 1st book in 'The Vedinformatics series'.

* This book was inaugrated in the 'International Seminar on Vedic Microbiology 2007' in Delhi.

* This book is an important document on scientific Heritage of Vedic Hindus.

* Genuinely and exclusively provides full account of microbiology study in ancient india.

* Total pages - 158 with Diagrams - 16; Cartoons- 2

* Total Chapters - 5 (Intoduction, Gurus of Vedic Microbiology, Vedic Mantras pertaining to Microbiology, Revived history of Microbiology and Conclusion) + Appendix -8

Revived History of Microbiology (Vedic to Modern)

Publisher : Rishi Kanva Vedic Microbiology Research Institute & others

Author : Dr. Chakradhar Frend, Dr. Shriji Kurup et al

ISBN :9788190632102

Edition : 2007

Price : Rs 65/-; & $ 5

* 2nd book in 'The Vedinformatics series'.

* This book was inaugrated in the 'International Seminar on Vedic Microbiology 2007' in Delhi.

* This book is an extension of the 4th Chapter of the book -"Vedic Microbiology".

* It is perhaps the first book which presents the exact-systemic picture of development of microbiology in the east (India) and West.

* First book to provide true chronological development of History of Microbiology

* Total Pages : 46 with Appendix

* Contains SECTION i. History of Microbiology in Bharat [ Chapter 1. Microbiological knowledge in the Veda (RigVeda, Yajurveda, SamaVeda and Atharvaveda); Chapter 2. Microbiological knowledge in the Allied Vedic Literuatures (Purana, Smriti, Mahabharat etc); Chapter 3. Microbiological knowledge in the Ayurveda (Charak Samhita, Susruta Samhita, Ashtang Hridaya etc); Chapter 4. Microbiological knowledge in the Yogic texts (Hathyogpradipika, Shiv Samhita etc.) ] and SECTION ii. History of Microbiology in Western Hemisphere (Modern Microbiology) [(Chapter 5. Development of Microbiology in the west)].

* Also provides information about the Bhartiya Scientists who have contributed in the development of Modern Microbiology.


Publisher : Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University

Author : TantraShiromani Dr. Vishwajit Vishwasi

Edition : 2018

Price : Rs 350/-; & $ 99

* Book was inaugrated in the 'International Conference on Veda-Tantra-Mantra-Yantra (18th December 2018) & 'International Conference on Vedic & Tantric Sciences (19th December 2018) in Surat,GUJARAT, BHARAT/INDIA

* First book of its own kind on the subject of TANTRA NECROMANCY based on the ShodhGranth (Thesis) submitted to 'Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University'

* Total Pages : 148

* Foreword by : Dr. Chakradhar Frend [CEO, Maharshi VedVyas International Virtual Vedic University; President, International Association of Vedic Hindu Universities, India/U.K.]

* CONTENTS : Chapter 1. Tantra and Its application; Chapter 2. Spirit Cosmology; Chapter 3. Ghosts / Evil Spirits in Himachali Culture and My Confrontations with Them; Chapter 4. Ayurveda Necromancy (Bhuta-Vidya-Tantra). Chapter 5. Taming the Spirits; Chapter 6. Tantra Necromancy; Chapter 7. Tantra Astro-Necromancy; Chapter 8. Role of Mantra in Necromancy


Publisher : NA

Author : Sri ChandraShekhar Achyut Padhye ji [Pune, Maharashtra]

Price: Study Material on Yoga

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